Black Lotus Casino

The year 2013 has brought with it some exciting newcomers into the world of casino gaming, and also brought some mainstays further into the limelight. The US player-friendly Black Lotus Casino captures all the best aspects of this new breed, with their dazzling HD games powered by the equally new and exciting BetOnSoft software. If you haven't yet seen the dazzling, high-definition renditions of your favorite Video Poker games, Slots, Specialty and Progressive Jackpot games, then you're in for a treat at Black Lotus.

Black Lotus Gaming Details

Black Lotus Casino offers download now options for every major platform - from the PC, Mac and even mobile. You don't need to tote along that powerful gaming laptop to experience the rush of their Table Game Tournaments, Signature Tournaments and various Slots. Whip out your smartphone while waiting in a long line and enjoy Free Spins and many other Vegas Gaming favorites. If that isn't enough, check out the leaderboard of lucky winners - with some snagging tens-of-thousands of dollars on games like:

  • Dream Wheel Video Slot: This Progressive Video Slot is a crisp, bonus-ridden party of champagne, jewels, Cuban cigars and Rolex watches. The Wild symbol is the Dream Wheel Logo itself, with the double Rolex serving as the ever-vaunted Scatter. BetOnSoft's vivid software captures all the excitement of the world-famous hit show Wheel of Fortune.
  • Legend of Avalon Video Slot: The magical land where King Arthur went to rest his tired head, this slot recaptures the mystique of the British Legend in droves. The great sword Excalibur is the centerpiece of this video slot, which is a Progressive Slot with 30 full liens of play and 15 free spins to maximize your earnings. The 5 reels have Multipliers, a Scatter, A Wild and more.

If you're a table game kind of guy or gal, then Black Lotus Casino doesn't disappoint there either. Three Card Poker, Single Deck Blackjack, Punto Blanco, Triple Double Bonus Poker (that's a mouthful!), Deuces Wild and all manner of Poker combinations await you. Or, you can slide on over to Classic and Powerball Keno, Lucky Scratch Cards, and other exhilarating cousins of Keno like Super Keno and Captain Keno. The black and gold background of the Black Lotus website says it all - there are riches to be had as soon as you download now!

Black Lotus Casino Members Can Play Rival and Betsoft's Newest Games

The game gallery of Black Lotus Casino involves various games of multiple types and some of the most popular, profitable and entertaining titles in it are developed by Betsoft and Rival. There is a special bonus offer available to all members who try out their luck on one of the newer titles, many of which belong to these two prominent providers. The promotion awards a match bonus of 99 percent and can potentially pay up to 500 dollars. Most passionate gamblers affiliate the names of Betsoft and Rival with their memorable slots. That being said, they have produced plenty of games of other types, including Table Games, Video Poker and Specialty. Their games, particularly the more recently created ones, are also available for Desktop, instant Play and Mobile Play.

These two developers have accomplished quite a lot throughout the years: Betsoft is currently powering hundreds of online sites all over the world and Rival has produced more than 160 games, including the popular i-Slots series. Both companies have been awarded accolades for their work and more importantly - they are admired by numerous players from every corner of the globe. Betsoft's highly diverse, professional and experienced team provides a variety of technical, marketing and customer services. Rival Gaming is also capable of delivering many comforts and features: a casino platform, powerful automation tools, a variety of game upgrades, Bespoke tools and several Turnkey solutions.

Betsoft is well-known for its slots' incredible looks. They are the result of exceptional 3D animation, which features fluid, life-like motion and realistic graphics. The artists and designers of the company are always successful at transporting players to both fantasy and more casual environments. Furthermore, the background imagery surrounding the reels and the gameplay changes that occur on the main screen are frequently connected. Every time an option or a feature is used, the animated world will react. When it comes down to Rival Gaming, the stress is placed on the backstory. Their main screens also include numerous details and although they are not as visually polished, they still manage to provide each title with a sense of uniqueness and originality. The i-Slots series is where Rival's style stands out the most. Every game starts out with a cinematic intro and from then on, a fully fleshed out story will not only become the center of attention, it will also define the gameplay of the slot.

Black Lotus Offers

Of course, this US player-friendly online gaming casino isn't just for the high-rollers with money to burn and money to win; you can try the Flash Instant Play version of BetOnSoft's software to immerse yourself in the experience of your favorite games. While you won't miss out on the fun, you will be missing out on the Vegas Casino Experience benefits like:

First Deposit Bonus - How would you like a 200 percent Match Bonus? Deposit any amount of cash up to $500 and Black Lotus Casino will reward you quadruple - that's 4 times over! The Match Bonus code is directly on their website and only requires a minimum $20.

TGIF Bonus - Friday has never been more fun - and more lucrative - at an online gaming casino. Black Lotus seems committed to ensuring that loyal customers end up rolling in dough. At the end of the business week, you get a 100 percent Match Bonus promotion, capped at $500 - but only if you've chosen the download now option and have a record of playing with real money. Black Lotus takes this even further with their Lotus Players Club, where you'll be privy to extra lucky draws, gifts on the anniversary of your first download, accessories like designer jewelry and much, much more. At Black Lotus, it's all about loyalty. And with their encrypted and secure banking options, you have little reason not to download now and join in the fun.